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I added you on MySpace. :)

Posted by luck on Aug 11, 08 7:35 pm

dude, that's awesome!
actually, yes, it's: /xhate_every_beautiful_day

Posted by cheerbee07 on Aug 3, 08 11:00 pm

My dad lives in Fairmont! How awesome is that, lol. Do you have a MySpace?

Posted by luck on Jul 29, 08 7:40 pm

ooh, cool! i'm actually from Fairmont, but you know how it is, haha.
very cool, though-- not too many of us on this site.

Posted by cheerbee07 on Jul 24, 08 4:27 pm

Hi there. I'm from Morgantown also. :-)

Posted by luck on Jul 24, 08 3:03 pm
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